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Tiger World Thailand (Code TNK3301 - TNK3303)

           Tiger World, one of Thailand’s legal tiger zoos. The zoo features an ambush collection of well-trained and healthy tigers living together in a good environment. All the tigers there were born and raised with love by the owner and staff, so you can give them a hug, kiss, have a photo taken with the tigers and feed them meat or milk without harm. This will be the greatest experience with tigers you could ever have.



  Feeding Meat. (Through the cage)


  Take photo with big tiger 200 kg.


  Take photo and feeding milk with medium tiger 100 kg.


Remark :

-Children under 150 cm. tall will not allow to get in the cage with medium tiger

-Animal encounters and experience are not suitable for people who require a wheelchair or walking aids. Participants must be fit and healthy and be able to squat 2 kneel down and stand up quickly with no assistance.

Open daily 08:00- 16.00

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